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May 2018 Vlog Blog

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How To Clear Away Phlegm Or Mucus - Part 1

Dominique Gizelle shares how to manage seasonal allergies, post nasal drip and how to clear away phlegm and mucus.

We’ve all been waiting for Spring … and YAY, It’s here! Yes the gorgeous weather has arrived. Unfortunately for many of us, so have Seasonal Allergies (Ugh!). I am one of the many unfortunate singers who have to contend with seasonal allergies and clearing away the phlegm created by the post nasal drip. Post nasal drip is the mucous that drips from your sinuses overnight and collects in your throat. It may sound disgusting, but it’s a reality that singers have to deal with. This mucous collects overnight, thickening and hardening and can become like glue. You may wake to find you have no voice at all. What you’re likely dealing with is a collection of mucous in your throat that is so heavy and thick that your vocal cords will not vibrate.

So clearing away the mucous is the first step. This first part of the two part video, is going to address dealing with clearing away the phlegm that collects of night. It can be a difficult and lengthy process but completely necessary. For me, it’s particularly difficult, because as a Voice teacher I need to be able to sing all day every day and have access to my complete range so that I am able to demonstrate for men, women, children of all vocal ranges. Hopefully the process in this video will also help you.

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Happy Singing!

Dominique Gizelle
The Vocal Troubleshooter