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30 minute private voice lessons Dominique

Dominique Gizelle

The Vocal Troubleshooter
Voice Instructor / Vocal Coach Vocal Trainer to Professional Vocalists and Speakers

Specializing in:
Vocalists - Modern Music; all genres of: Pop, Rock, R&B and Musical Theater

The program and resources to help you achieve effective results. Vocal training develops vocal quality through exercise by developing the vocal

muscles and muscle coordination (impacting tone quality, size, range and control of the voice) while vocal coaching focuses on song work (repertoire, coloration, phrasing, style and interpretation). This program is designed to develop both vocal quality and repertoire simultaneously.

Professional Speakers - Particularly Actors and Athletic Coaches and Trainers to use their voice effectively.

Private Voice Lessons
The vocal training techniques of David Sorin Collyer (Paul Simon), Ralph K. Williams (Yale University School of Music) ; the techniques used by Cindi Lauper, Annie Lennox, Bon Jovi and other top industry voice technicians are combined with personal insights, to deliver a powerful and effective Pop vocal training experience to help you gain power, range and flexibility.

If you’ve ever asked yourself the following questions, this program is for you:
  • Do you believe your voice can be better than it sounds?
  • Do you want your voice to sound more professional?
  • Does your voice crack or break?
  • Do you want to eliminate the nasal sound in your voice?
  • Do you wonder if today will be a “Good Day” for your voice?
  • Do you sound amateurish when you jump to high notes?
  • Do you run out of breath or wish you had more power?
  • Do you lose your voice or go hoarse?
  • Do you have trouble hitting the high notes?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you accepting new students?
While I don't typically have many lesson timeslots available, I do generally have a few openings. If you have some flexibility in your schedule, we can usually find a way for it to work.

I am a songwriter. Can we work on my original material?

I am interested in both voice and guitar lessons. Who should I contact?
Call us at (516) 221-3095 and leave a message indicating that you are interested in both guitar and voice lessons. We will make every effort to coordinate lesson times for you. While we may not be able to schedule back-to-back times initially, we will and let you know as soon as our schedules change and we can coordinate lessons times.

Right now, I completely stink (to be honest). Can lessons make me decent?
It is my belief that barring any physical abnormality, we can all learn to sing and develop our voice to be able to sing on a professional level. Some people have fewer obstacles to overcome that others, and not every voice is able to sing everything, but anyone can attain a professional level vocal if they "REALLY WANT IT". The most important element to success is a dedication to practice.

I'm Shy About Singing. Is it weird to be nervous about voice lessons?

What lesson times do you have available?
Lessons are offered Wednesday, Thursday and Friday evenings starting at 3:00PM and Saturday afternoons. Lessons are weekly. I do not have many lesson slots available but I generally have a few.

Will you help me with making contacts with labels, agents, managers, etc?

Where are you located on Long Island?
Our voice and guitar studios are located in Bellmore, Nassau County.

Do you offer individual lessons or do you have to sign up for a whole course?
There is no commitment beyond week-to-week. Each lesson is individual although each builds upon the prior lesson. Collectively the lessons complete a comprehensive professional vocal program.

When are lesson payments due, week-to-week, or by the month?
Lesson payment is due each week at the start of each lesson.

Am I the right fit for your program?

Are there packages available?
Lesson fees apply to the half-hour increment. There are no package discounts.

I've tried calling a few times but was unable to get through. What is the best time to call you?
I don't answer the phone while I'm teaching so it is important that you leave a message when you call. I will return your call as soon as I get a break. Please indicate the best times to reach you.

Will you evaluate my voice?
We can arrange an evaluation lesson where you can sing for me and I will tell you what I hear that you do well as well as your difficulties and how to correct them.

How long will it take to become professional singer?

Do you offer beginner lessons?
Most of my students have no prior vocal training. My program is fairly intense. It is geared to serious singers who are interested in pursuing a career as a vocalist. It is not necessary that students be experienced, but it is necessary that they have a high level of dedication to practicing and developing their voice.

At what age can children begin your vocal program?
I find that students younger than 10 years old do not have the attention span or work ethic needed to manage my program. Between the ages of 10 -13 years, readiness varies by the individual. We can arrange for an evaluation lesson to see if it is a match.

My child is too young; can you refer me to someone else?
Often school chorus teachers offer private voice lessons. This is a good place to begin. If your school doesn't have a chorus, other music teachers in your school may be able to recommend someone. If not, try the Jr. High School or High School chorus teachers in your district.

I would like to buy a gift certificate for someone who I know would want voice lessons and I think has a lot of potential. How many lessons would make a good start?
Anywhere from one to ten sessions would be a good start. Gift certificates for voice lessons are available for families and friends of our current students and lessons are paid for weekly at each session.

I've tried self help videos and tools for singers. Why don't they help me?

I'm looking to break into the music business but I lack confidence because I have doubts about my voice. I have a good voice but feel that I don't sound professional.
Because singing is physical, it requires training for muscle strength, muscle coordination, speed, agility and stamina as well as learning how to play the instrument. This is what makes a professional sounding vocal.

The singer in my band needs lessons. How do I get him to come to you?
Singers need to be self motivated to study voice and practice. Nothing else will work.

I have severe stage fright. Can you help me?
Stage fright often comes from a lack of confidence. The lack of confidence comes from being uncertain of what will happen when you sing, this causes fear. Vocal training is intended to give you the physical ability, technique and skills to be confident even on days when you may not necessarily be in the best voice.