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Paul Biondi

M.S. Education
Guitar Instructor | Composer for TV and Media

Specializing in:
Guitar Players - Guitar instruction for all levels (most popular musical genres).
Songwriters and Independent Artists - Enriching current guitar skills; applying practical, easy to understand music theory to the songwriting process.
Hobbyist Guitar Players - Taking your skills to the next level.

This program is for you if:
  • you are a beginner and want a quick-start
  • you want to break through whatever has been holding you back
  • you want to figure-out songs and solos by ear
  • you are looking to learn guitar while avoiding bad habits
  • you want the confidence to jam and perform solo or with other musicians
  • you want to play your favorite songs
  • you want to finally overcome problem areas
  • you want an understanding of how to apply music theory to the guitar fretboard
  • you want the skills to make a professional broadcast quality recording
  • you are looking for a solid foundation
  • you want the ability to read rock and jazz guitar charts;
  • you want to learn the best strategies to prepare for NYSSMA and other musical opportunities.

What Students Say About Paul


Anyone looking for guitar lessons would definitely love their experience at Bang On Records.  So far I've learned so much here and Paul makes the lessons fun too !  I never thought I would ever be able to accomplish as much as I have already.
–Leah G.

Paul is an absolutely incredible teacher, AND all around person.  No matter what you’re goals, he WILL help you achieve.  He truly cares about your success.  6 stars out of 5, every single time.
– Charles R.

The lessons are well-planned, demanding and disciplined, but fun and flexible (like when you have to learn that new song you love NOW).  Paul is an expert and Bang On is a major find.
– Paul O.

Bang On Records Lesson Studios is awesome  Paul is an excellent teacher and musician.  He is patient and he knows how to teach students at all levels.  I plan to be working with Paul for a long time.
–Jennifer P.

Paul and Bang On Records are the best !  My daughter has been receiving guitar lessons from Paul for about 7 years now.  She (and myself as well) look forward to going to her lessons.  I would give Paul and Bang On Records a million stars if I could.
– Lisa L.

voice students at bang on records voice lesson studio

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer beginner guitar lessons?
Yes. Our students range from beginner to advanced and the lessons are designed to meet each student's current level and interests.

What lesson times do you have available?
Lessons are offered Wednesday, Thursday and Friday evenings starting at 3:00PM and Saturday late morning and afternoons. Lessons are weekly. I do not have many lesson slots available but I generally have a few.

Do you offer individual lessons or do you have to sign up for a whole course?
There is no commitment beyond week-to-week. Each weekly lesson builds to cover a particular skill (based on your goals).

When are lesson payments due, week-to-week, or by the month?
There are no contracts or in-advance monthly payments required. Lesson payment is simply due each week and at the start of each lesson.

At what age can children begin your guitar program?
While there are exceptions, most children can manage beginner lessons in this program by nine years old. Several factors come into play such as attention span, motor skills and physical ability to hold a guitar.

Right now, I'm completely frustrated with my level of guitar playing. Can lessons make me decent?
Absolutely! As a student once happily told me "hey this isn't that hard afterall - it's not rocket science!" Exactly. We'll make a plan together based on your goals and when you follow the plan with consistent, dedicated practice, you'll get there.

I'm looking to break into the music business but I feel that I don't sound professional yet. Why?
Being a professional guitar player requires specific skill sets. These include knowledge of the fretboard, a solid chord and scale vocabulary, ensemble playing skills, reading music (sometimes), muscle coordination (speed, agility and stamina) and repertoire building. These are the skills that enable a guitarist to sound professional and succeed in a professional environment.

The guitar player in my band has potential, but needs guitar lessons. How do I convince him/her to come to you?
It's disappointing isn't it? Seeing a talented individual not fulfilling their potential. But successful musicians (like other high achieving and successful people in competitive professions) need to be self-driven and self-motivated. Musicians who lack the desire to develop their skills to the professional level, unfortunately remain at the amateur level.

I've tried calling a few times but I continue to get your outgoing voice message. What is the best time to call you?
We don't answer the phone while teaching or when with clients so it is important that you leave a message when you call. Your call will be returned most likely that same day if not the next day so please indicate the best times to reach you.

I would like to buy a gift certificate for someone who I know would want guitar lessons and I think has a lot of potential. How many lessons would make a good start?
Most people purchase three to five sessions, depending on their budget.

I am interested in both voice and guitar lessons. Who should I contact?
Call us at (516) 221-3095 and leave a message indicating that you are interested in both guitar and voice lessons. We will make every effort to coordinate lesson times for you. While we may not be able to schedule back-to-back times initially, we will and let you know as soon as our schedules change and we can coordinate lesson times.

Instructor Backgroound
In addition to his private lesson practice, Paul composes, performs and records original music for television and media. His original compositions can currently be heard on many current TV programs including:

NBC: Dateline; Last Call With Carson Daly: The Voice; CBS Sports: NFL Football; MTV's Cribs; The CW: 90210; NBC:Summer and Winter Olympic Games; MTV’s Human Giant; CBS Sports: The Masters Tournament; American Express and Pepsi-Complex Fashion (advertising spots); MTV Room Raiders and Cablevision’s Video on Demand service.

Paul’s broad background in music and education also includes creating and presenting interactive creative arts training workshops in coordination with SUNY Stony Brook and NYS Dept of Social Services, and utilizing music therapy with children placed in foster care.