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August 2018 Vlog Blog

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How To Find "Your" Voice

Dominique answers a frequent student question about how to “find” their voice or how to “create” their sound.

So many students ask me about how to “find” their voice or how to “create” their sound. I think one of the challenges is the misconception that somehow your voice is missing or worse yet that it needs to be created.

The reality is that each of us has a unique voice. Our voice is as unique as our face or our DNA. Even identical twins with identical DNA can still be uniquely identified by facial recognition software from among billions of people. Each of us is unique in our DNA, our facial features and of course our voice.

So the question really isn’t “how do you find your unique sound or voice?” but “how do you remove the blocks that are interfering with allowing your voice to emerge and preventing your sound from escaping?”

This video identifies the most probable culprits.

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Happy Singing!

Dominique Gizelle
The Vocal Troubleshooter