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May 2018 Vlog Blog

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How To Remember Lyrics

Searching for a technique for remembering lyrics? Dominique Gizelle shows you an effective approach.

Students who have worked hard on developing their vocal ability, technique and repertoire so that they are capable of singing and performing for several hours, often still have a lingering issue that prevents them from getting paid to sing – memorizing lyrics! Difficulty remembering lyrics and lyric order is a challenge for a lot of singers, but absolutely necessary if you want to perform as a professional.

Imagine attending a concert of your favorite artist and find them reading lyrics from a paper or from a tablet. Part of your job as a professional singer to put on a show, to perform for your audience.

So, if you struggle to remember lyrics, and your goal is to perform professionally, then hopefully this approach will help you. It has been very helpful to many of my students and will hopefully help you as well.

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Happy Singing! Dominique Gizelle
The Vocal Troubleshooter