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August 2018 Vlog Blog

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Warming Up Your Voice

Dominique answers a question frequently asked by her students: "how long should I warm up?" Don't miss this!

So why do you need to warmup your voice? Many people don’t value or understand the importance of warming up. Warming up your voice prior to singing prepares the vocal cords (and all the muscles you use when you sing) to be able to stretch and perform at the level needed for singing.

To quote Ivan Lendl, the famous tennis player “If I don’t practice the way I know I should, then I won’t play the way I know I can”, and the same true of being warmed up. If you don’t warm up your voice the way you know you should, then you won’t sing the way you know that you can.

So this video is devoted to discussing the value of warming up and how long it takes to properly warm up your voice.

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Happy Singing!

Dominique Gizelle
The Vocal Troubleshooter