Bang On Records Voice Lessons and Guitar Lessons

Reviews: What Students Are Saying


It has been nothing short of a treat to be able to work with Paul & Dominique.  They are fantastic teachers and even better people.

With a very stressful schedule, spending an hour with Paul and Dominique (even though it's hard work) is seriously like spending an hour in a spa.

I always walk out of my lessons feeling rejuvenated and determined to continue honing my craft.
– Thomas R - Audiologist

I was introduced to Dominique Gizelle and she singlehandedly kick started my musical dream and made it a reality.
– Jenny Mann – Blameshift


Paul is a great guitar teacher. He helped my my songwriting skills and to read sheet music and embrace different styles of music.

I also took voice lessons with Dominique. She is a wonderful teacher and I became such a better singer after her lessons. She will teach you how to breathe correctly, and how to not damage your voice when singing.
–Joseph A.- West Seed Farm

I've been working with Dominique Gizelle for a while now, and am amazed at what I have learned and the improvements I have seen.  My only "complaint" is that I didn't find her sooner.

Dominique is extremely knowledgeable (not to mention talented) and is able to communicate that knowledge in an easy to understand way.

She has definitely helped me grow - not just vocally, but as a musician.
–Joe M

My son had taken guitar lessons with Paul for more than 8 years, until he left for college in August.  We couldn't ask for a better teacher.

Paul is very knowledgeable and attentive, and he has an ability to inspire his students that brought my son's playing to another level.  What's more, to my son, Paul not just a music teacher - he has also become a mentor.

I was extremely grateful to have found such an amazing and one of a kind teacher
–Orapin L.

Oh my gosh...Where do I begin?  I have been working with Dominique Gizelle since about April, and ALREADY my voice has exponentially grown!

I finally feel free to explore within my range and most importantly, I understand my voice. There is no limit and I have Dominique to thank for that. I'm truly looking forward to continuing my training with Dominique at Bang On Records.

She is truly a wonderful talent and I would absolutely recommend studying with her if you are serious about making a career in music. Thank you so much Dominique and Bang On Records! You are one of my greatest inspirations.
–Kalene S.

Bang On Records is incredible.  I take vocal lessons with Dominique and I've seen such an amazing improvement in both my voice and confidence.  She is a great teacher!  So worth the investment!
–Kuye M.

As a singer, I always relied on my natural gift to get me through my performances.  However, I truly believed that I could never go professional given I lost my voice every time I finished singing.

It was through Dominique's amazing teachings that I grew, developed, and truly horned in on my craft. I learned to breath better, develop the muscles necessary to sustain my singing for lengths at a time, and developed a range I dreamed about but didn't truly believe was possible.

She's wonderful! If you're serious about singing she's the one to go to.
–Priscilla C.

My wife bought me five guitar lessons as a Christmas present (excellent gift idea!) at Bang On Records.  I had never played a musical instrument and was convinced I could never play one.

From the first lesson I felt completely at ease and welcome to ask the most basic questions ("Um, what's a scale?").

The lessons are well-planned, demanding and disciplined, but fun and flexible (like when you /have/ to learn that new song you love NOW).

We have repeatedly referred other people to Bang On, including kids, with whom Paul is an expert. Bang On is a major find!
–Paul O. - Author and Editor

Paul and Bang On Records are the best ! My daughter has been receiving guitar lessons from Paul for about 7 years now.  She has learned so much and keeps on learning new things.

Paul keeps it interesting as well as fun.She (and myself as well) look forward to going to her lessons every week.I enjoy sitting there and listening as I find it very relaxing and interesting.

I would give Paul and Bang On Records a million stars if I could! Thank you so much Paul.
–Lisa L.

Every piece of advice I have gotten from Dominique has truly improved my quality as a singer. I would definitely recommend her lessons to anyone looking to better, strengthen, or perfect their singing.
–Veronica Q.

Bang on Records is definitely a great place to enhance your musical skills if you're looking to pursue music as a career.  Dominique is one of the best vocal coaches I've worked with (and I've worked with plenty).

She is the only coach I've ever seen results from and that's because her training is top notch. You can tell she really wants to see her students succeed in their careers.

If you put in the work you will definitely see results with her!
–Jasmine L

Bang One Records Studio is awesome!  Paul is an excellent teacher and musician.  He is patient and he knows how to teach students at all levels.  I plan to be working with Paul for a long time!  Thanks for everything Paul
–Jennifer P.